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Burrata alla panna

Burrata is often referred to as the creamy cousin of mozzarella.  This pure, sweet, and fresh cheese hides a delightful surprise of creamy stracciatella that is wrapped inside its delicate mozzarella shell.  Stracciatella only and reveals itself once burrata is cut open. Traditionally, burrata would be wrapped in the blades of the Asphodel leaf, a leaf native to Puligia Italy (Where Di Stefano owner, Mimmo Bruno is from).  This leaf was used to indicate the freshness of the cheese. When fresh, the blade would be green, after a few days, the leaf would dry up, indicating the burrata was no longer fresh.  Thanks to pasteurizing and our fresh ingredients, Di Stefano burrata lasts much longer.  Our tribute to tradition is exemplified on our 8oz burrata, which is wrapped with what appears to be the Asphodel leaf.  Our burrata is made daily at the Di Stefano Cheese plant utilizing fresh ingredients and traditional methods that define Di Stefano Burrata as simply the best!


Note: Fresh burrata is best served at room temperature.

2 oz Burratini

Our world famous burrata is also available in small single portion sizes.  Perfect for a mini snack or for happy hour platters, the same luscious creamy filling can be expected in each ball, only mini sized!


Burratini also available in Retail Cups!

4 oz Burrata

If you want to enjoy burrata with a friend, or keep all the enjoyment to yourself, our 4 oz does the trick.  This fresh cream-filled mozzarella purse is versatile to any sweet or savory craving.  Enjoy it with grilled peaches or place on top of a homemade pizza as soon as you pull it out of the oven.


4oz Burrata also available in Retail Cups!

8 oz Burrata

Whether you’re hosting a party or entertaining a couple of friends and family, our burrata is sure to please any palate.  Pair with tomatoes, basil and olive oil for a new twist on a caprese salad, or serve on a bed of greens with your favorite seasonal toppings.  Our burrata adds a fresh, creamy, delicious spin to every bite.  


8oz Burrata also available in Retail Cups!

1 lb Burrata

Served in a 1 lb. tub, this size can be enjoyed for large volume demands, making sure to be the life of the party with its bursting flavor and beloved creamy center.


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