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On the plate this pure, sweet, fresh cheese resembles nothing more than a ball of fresh cow's milk mozzarella. However, once cut open, a soft and creamy center, made of stracciatella and cream, slowly runs onto the plate. Traditionally, burrata would be wrapped in the flavorful blades of Apulian asfodelo, from the same plant order as the leek, which is used to indicate the freshness of the cheese. Once the leaves dried out, the cheese is past prime.


Fresh burrata is best served at room temperature.




Here at Di Stefano, we make our fresh mozzarella every day using milk from our local dairy full of happy cows 10 minutes away from our plant in Pomona, CA! This milk is also used daily to make our other fresh products. Di Stefano mozzarella has a soft, moist texture and a full milky flavor. Similar to other fresh cheeses, mozzarella is high in water content and therefore low on fat. Our cheese is produced and packaged in a prepared water solution to help the mozzarella balls retain their moisture and shape. Fresh mozzarella is perfect for a caprese salad, on top of pizza or simply drizzled with EVOO.

Mascarpone is an Italian cheese from the Lombardy region, It is a thick creamy, soft cheese which is an essential ingredient in Italian recipes like Tiramisu and cheesecakes. Thanks to our freshness and our technique, Di Stefano’s Mascarpone is very creamy and has a slight sweet taste to it, making it a chef’s favorite.

This traditional, fresh ricotta is made with cow’s milk whey. Here at Di Stefano, we make our ricotta fresh daily. You will notice that ricotta has a mildly sweet flavor, it is smoother than cottage cheese and slightly grainy. Ricotta's fresh, clean flavor makes it a perfect accompaniment to a many recipes and family style dishes. Use it in your lasagna, manicotti, cassata, calzone, pizza, and ravioli- or get creative and let us know other creative ways you've used our ricotta! Here at Di Stefano, we make our ricotta fresh daily.

The creamy center that makes burrata so famous and irresistible is called stracciatella. It is made by hand at our plant by shredding fresh mozzarella and mixing it with cream, creating the desired "raggy" texture you look for in authentic burrata.  Its rich, texture and flavor is simply decadent.  Stracciatella can be used in salads, placed on top of crostini or pastas. 

Mozzarella cheese air cured and smoked to perfection with a blend of hickory chips makes for a delicious spin on pizzas and pastas.  Enjoy on a cheese plate at room temperature, or grill it on the stove for a delicious treat.

Created specifically for pizza in mind, Di Stefano Pizzarella has slightly higher fat content and less moisture to create the perfect cheesy pizza experience.




As all chefs know, to make excellent food, start with quality ingredients.  This also applies to making your own mozzarella. Ensure quality every time by using Di Stefano Curd!


In addition to our food service items, we carry a varity of products for retail, including our retail cups for Burrata, Mozzarella, Ricotta and Mascarpone.


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