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Fresh Mozzarella

Here at Di Stefano, we make our fresh mozzarella every day using milk from our local dairy, full of happy cows 20 minutes away from our plant in Pomona, CA. This milk is also used daily to make our other fresh products.  Di Stefano mozzarella has a soft, moist texture and a full milky flavor.  Our cheese is produced and packaged in a special water “bath” to help retain its special mozzarella moisture and shape.

8 oz Fresh Mozzarella

Generous portion of fresh, creamy mozzarella - ideal size for chopping or slicing.


Mozzarella also available in 8 oz Retail Cup!

4 oz Ovoline

This “egg-sized” mozzarella is the same size of a Roma tomato, creating an ideal cheese to make a stacked caprese salad or to slice on top of pizza.


Ovoline also available in 8 oz Retail Cup!

2 oz Boccocini in Water

“Bite Sized” Bocconcini is the perfect size for appetizers.  


Bocconcini also available in 8 oz Retail Cup!

1/3 oz Ciliginie Mozzarella in Water

About the size of a cherry tomato, this cheese is easily sprinkled on top of any salad or appetizer and melts beautifully on pizzas and pastas.  Sprinkle with olive oil for a light, calcium-rich snack.


Ciligine also available in 8oz Retail Cup!


Pearle- “Pearl Sized”  Mozzarella in Water

These miniature balls of creamy white delight are a lovely addition to salads, soups and appetizers.





Mozzarella Logs in Water

Fresh mozzarella logs are a convenient serving size for sandwiches and Panini.  Extra cheesy or light, slice any way you’d like!  - *also available in cryovac pouches.


Mozzarella logs are also available for retail!


Mozzarella Medallions in Water

Perfectly sliced 1 oz fresh mozzarella medallions.  Top your pizzas and pastas in an easy, accessible way!


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